Shipyard Agency

Vessel shipyard agency service refers to the services provided by a specialized shipping agency to vessels during their time at a shipyard for repair, maintenance, or refitting works.

When a vessel requires repairs or undergoes scheduled maintenance, it is brought to a shipyard. The shipyard agency acts as an intermediary between the shipowner or operator and the shipyard, facilitating and coordinating various activities to ensure a smooth and efficient shipyard stay.

Some of the key tasks performed by the vessel shipyard agency include:

  1. Liaison: Acting as a point of contact between the shipowner, shipyard, and other relevant parties to ensure effective communication and coordination.
  2. Documentation: Handling necessary paperwork, permits, and clearances required for the vessel’s entry and work in the shipyard.
  3. Logistics: Coordinating the movement of the vessel to and from the shipyard and managing berthing arrangements.
  4. Services: Arranging for various services required during the shipyard stay, such as provision supply, waste disposal, and bunkering.
  5. Customs and Immigration: Assisting with customs and immigration formalities if required for the vessel or crew.
  6. Monitoring: Keeping track of the progress of repair or maintenance works and ensuring adherence to agreed timelines.
  7. Financial Matters: Handling financial transactions related to shipyard services, including payments to the shipyard and suppliers.

The goal of the vessel shipyard agency service is to ensure that the vessel’s time in the shipyard is optimized and that all necessary tasks are efficiently managed, allowing the vessel to return to its regular operations as soon as possible.